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Announcing CRM

Published on: 07 October, 2016

Business today is customer driven to a degree it has never been before. Thanks to the Internet, social media, and the proliferation of mobile devices, it is easier than ever for customers to research products and services, as well as seek opinions from friends and peers. It is also much easier for customers to switch from one brand to another.

Customers are no longer just looking for products, but for an experience — and by 2020 that experience is going to be more important to them than price or the product itself. Companies that are able to evolve from simply selling products to creating and delivering value-add services and experiences that build long-term relationships with customers will be better positioned for success.

In this direction we have started work on a new product: a CRM solution. We plan to make it available early next year. It will be a competitive product similar to what other major players are offering.

For any additional details you can take contact with us here

Introducing Events - Plan and keep track of people, projects and events. A complete calendar application.

Published on: 16 SEPTEMBER, 2014

We are glad to announce a new product joining our suite, Events

We have built a complete calendar application to help you manage your business better. Plan events, holidays, deadlines, meetings. Now it is possible with Events.

Import your existing Gmail, Outlook or iCalendar calendars into Events and run your business from one central place. No need anymore for 10 application on 10 domains to keep your projects running.

Also you have the possibility to share calendars with your team members so you can stay in touch with each other.

We have a great roadmap ahead. More features will be added in the near feature. Please send us your feedback.

Thank you for your continued support.

Stay tuned for more!

What's New and Current Roadmap

Published on: 10 FEBRUARY, 2014

So a year has passed already and it turned out to be great for us. One thing that amazed us is that before starting any marketing efforts we had clients that heard of us somehow and remained active to this day. This is a great confirmation of our work and effort and an amazing encouragement to go on.

We have a great roadmap planned for this year and we are determined to bring it online.

SLA product and Customer Support Portal

This new product has been in our pipeline for a few months now and it is almost ready. The deadline for the launch is the end of March. Of course we keep our promise and our existing clients will get the new product for free.

This new product will allow you to enter in a SLA agreement with your customers and it will also allow you to offer a Customer Portal where your products can receive feedback from your clients. Of course, you can also offer support through it. It works both ways.

Predefined Workflows

If you are a software company, an architecture studio, a call center, a vet clinic or a construction company we want to offer you predefined workflows.

We already work closely with an architecture studio to figure out a suitable workflow.

Git Support and Extended Import Functionality

Git support is scheduled for release later this year. First we will offer only a Git server with basic admin options, afterwards we will built on that. Depending on your feedback we will implement features that are requested.

And, if you are a customer with an existing Bugzilla or Jira database, we will offer a streamlined import tool.

Contact Manager

This will be a new product in our pipeline. At the moment it is a concept to be further developed.

Our intention is to offer a small CRM where you can find people you were in contact with and related information.

Go Big

We believe that hard work, vision and God are the keys of success. We have come this far and we're planning to go even further.

If you have any questions contact us here. Even if it is just to say hello we are exited to hear from you!

Ubirmi's founders

Introducing free, private SVN Repositories

Published on: 3 JANUARY, 2013

Starting today we are going to offer free private svn repositories for our clients.

Over the past few weeks we have been hard at work to tune our system for this great new feature. Built on top of our great infrastructure SVN Repositories are going to help you a lot in your development process.

Fast, secure, private are just a few of the characteristics of this offering. Please give us your feedback.

Over the coming weeks we are going to improve on the foundation we have laid today. Expect new features like code browsing, code review and much more. We are going to build a strong union between our products so that your productivity will increase even more.

Also, our project management and bug tracking tool has received almost daily updates including new features, cosmetics and bug fixing.

Revamping our image

Published on: 12 JULY, 2013

Today we are introducing a totally new and awesome image for ourselves. This was much needed as we begun to grow and make a stand in front of our competition.

Everything is now clean, light and beautiful. Information is much better organized, finding your way around our site has been greatly improved.

To make a better point of our value we let you know the strong points of our products right on the home page through an easy to read comparison table.

Also we have been hard at work to give a unique image to our company and to each product respectively. Nice, easy to remember logos to enchant your eyes.

Of course, what is a release without some new product features? In Yongo now it is much more easier to change the fields and screens for projects. Also a support link is present in the header of our products so that you can have a quick access to our support system. In Documentador now you can see the child pages right above the comments section.

Making use of Documentador we have begun to create documentation pages for important sections of our products. You will begin to see a question mark in the top right area of the page that will take you right to the documentation page specific for that area.

We believe that this important refresh is much a awaited one. We will continue to improve it over time. Don't forget your feedback is always appreciated.

Have a nice look around!

New Features in 1.9

Published on: 15 AUGUST, 2013

We work hard to over deliver new features to our products every day. This is a summary of the new features added since the last release.

  • a brand new free mail server. This is the default option. So for the clients that to not have a SMTP server configuration, they can use our default server.

  • in Yongo we introduced 3 new filter criteria: fix version, affected version and component

  • image attachments now have a thumbnail preview and a full gallery presentation

  • top menu bar has been greatly improved for better access to our products

  • the interface redesign using bootstrap. The apps look a lot better. We concentrated on the dialogs, tables and buttons.

Any feedback is highly appreciated since we make every effort possible to implement features on client request.

Introducing Documentador - Content Creation, Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing software for teams

Published on: 19 JUNE, 2013

We are glad to announce a new product joining our suite, Documentador

Documentador connects teams with the content, knowledge, and co-workers they need to get work done, faster.

Crowd-source meeting notes, share files, define product requirements, and make decisions – all in one place. Thousands of teams choose Ubirimi to capture and organize issues, work through action items, and stay up-to-date with team activity.

Organize your work in spaces and create different entities like pages and filelists. Our great editor gives you a lot of flexibility in building complex documents. You can export them at any time in PDF format.

With a great permission scheme you can organize your team the way you like it. All you data in versioned so that you do not loose anything. You can always restore an older version.

If you want to build online documentation for your products and Documentador is the way to go. You can give anonymous access to your spaces.

We will continue to improve Documentador. In the coming releases we will introduce new entities like blog posts, meeting notes and so on.

We have a great roadmap ahead. Our top priorities are reliability, accuracy and security.

Thank you for your continued support.

Stay tuned for more!

Feature Release

Published on: 20 JANUARY, 2013

We have great news for you: as with release 1.802 we are introducing lots of new and interesting stuff:

private/public mode

In private mode only administrators can create new users. If you are running in public mode any user can sign up and post issues.

This can turn out to be of great help for help desk operators where you receive issues from your customers. This way you manage the internal and external processes of your company.

agile swimlanes

Group your issues for a better management. Currently we offer grouping by stories, more options in the coming releases

better and improved URLs

All our products have gone a URL beautifying process.

extended quick search functionality

so far you could search an issue in the current project by its number. Now you can also search by text (summary, description, comments).

Don't forget you can send us feedback directly from within the application. We would love to hear from your!

Happy bug hunting!

Keyboard shortcuts

Published on: 15 DECEMBER, 2012

We just launched the release 1.619. It brings the usual bug fixing and you get keyboard shortcuts

c - create a new issue
e - edit current issue
g i - go to issue navigator
g a - go to all issues in the current selected project
g p - go to the summary page of the current selected project