We are a startup focused on delivering a versatile project management product suite
together with a very competitive market strategy. Our focus is on simplicity, ease of use,
fast product maturity and customer support.

Founded in 2012, in Timisoara, Romania by two software graduates at Timisoara Politechnic Univerity.

Market strategy

Our offer is unique and we are proud of it. We offer the entire product suite in one deal.
No need to upgrade to a higher plan because there isn't one. You get everything from the start.
And if this wasn't enough, any future upgrade (major or minor) will be free of charge.

Our value proposition

We strive to offer quality across our entire product line.
We are a startup and that means we don't have rigid roadmaps for our products.
If a bug is detected (either by customer feedback or by us) it is fixed immediately and deployed.
You can count on us and on constant improvement of the products.

Our motto

The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.