Helpdesk is a great way for organizations to keep in touch with their clients. The design is intuitive so that it offers a natural experience with SLA support and customizable so that each project can have its own queues, reports and much more.

Powerful SLA

Helpdesk with its powerful rules engine by definition applies service level agreement targets as requests enter into the development chain. The key for a successful project is time tracking: each person involved in the development is up-to-date not only with the phase of the project but also with the urgency of each step. Everybody knows what has to be done and most importantly when it needs to be done. The SLA information is shown not only in the queues but also in the issue details. This means that the level agreements are always visible, always shown in the development process.

SLA metrics

The straightforward method allows complex SLA metrics to be set up in just a few seconds with even fewer clicks. The metrics can be created with very complex criteria such as start, pause or stop. By selecting the applicable events the team is already up and running with the best level agreement on their side. The SLA targets are very easy to define. And size is not an issue – simply by applying the rules to specific subsets of issues, using the powerful YQL (Yongo Query Language), the project becomes as easy to read as a simple issue.

Customizable Queues

Managing the team’s time couldn’t be easier. Simply by defining the filters the project manager is always informed about the urgent priorities and the timetable of the team.

Clean, simple, fast customer portal

Customer interaction is simplified with a simple, yet powerful, customer portal. They can easily report issues and stay up-to-date with the reported issue stage.

Powered by Yongo

Customize issue types, fields, and workflows to match your existing workflows and quickly adapt to changes as your processes evolve. The Agile product is built on top of the powerful Yongo architecture so you get all the benefits of the Yongo Issue Tracker.

The Dashboard

Created vs. Resolved Chart
Project Filtered Reports
Assigned to me and Unresolved Issue List
Yongo dashboard

Multiple Permission Schemes

Created vs. Resolved Chart
Project Filtered Reports
Assigned to me and Unresolved Issue List
Yongo Multiple Permission Schemes


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Easy criteria selection
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