The project tracker for teams planning, building and launching great products.
Use Yongo to capture and organize issues, work through action items,
and stay up to date with team activity.

Clean, beautiful layouts

Yongo keeps things simple with lightweight page designs. Load times are being pushed to a minimum so you can perform your regular tasks (viewing, creating, editing) very fast.

The Dashboard

Created vs. Resolved Chart
Project Filtered Reports
Assigned to me and Unresolved Issue List
Yongo dashboard

Create Issue

Custom Statuses and Fields
Easy Time Tracking
Link with Relevant Code
Yongo create issue/ticket

View Issue

Attachments with Image Thumb Preview
Discuss inside the issue space
Detailed History and Work Log
Yongo View Issue

Powerful Permissions and Security Schemes

You want to start a project and decide who has the right to create issues, close them or delete them.

4 Levels of permissions

Project permissions
Issue and comments permissions
Time Tracking permissions
Yongo Powerful Permissions and Security Schemes

Multiple Permission Schemes

Convenient Default Permission Scheme
Permissions assigned to Users / Roles / Groups
Share permission schemes across projects
Yongo Multiple Permission Schemes

Fine grained customization

Control every area of Yongo
Users organized in Roles and Groups

Yongo Permission Schemes Fine grained customization

Full Fledged Notification System

From the ground up, our product is build to fit your needs of customization. Everything is configurable. You can set all kinds of notifications regarding different operations and events in the application. Divide users by groups or roles to gain flexibility.

Multiple Notifications Schemes

Convenient Default Notification Scheme
Events assigned to Users / Roles / Groups
Yongo Multiple Notifications Schemes

Multiple events already built in

Most used events already built in
Custom events
Yongo Multiple events

Unlimited customization

Notification schemes
Unlimited customization

Extensible Workflows

You can change the default Yongo workflow to adapt to the way your team works. Update the workflow steps to follow the structure of your development process. You can define different workflows for each issue type giving you the possibility for even further customization.

Multiple workflows

Adapts to your own business
Any number of steps
Any number of transitions
Yongo multiple workflows

Adapting to your specific needs

A software development company
A car service
A call center, etc.
Yongo Extensible Workflows

Visual representation

Design the workflow visually
Drag & Drop

Yongo workflows visual representation

Screens, Issues and Custom Fields

In Yongo you can use custom fields for even more customization. You have a wide range of options (number, date, date time, small and large text fields, etc). Also, creating, editing and viewing screens are completely customizable.


Multiple screens
Custom issue types and fields
Full customizable transitions
Yongo screens

Custom Fields

Custom field configuration
Custom field types
Assign them to custom & default screens
Yongo custom fields


Default & custom issue types
Custom resolutions
Time tracking
Yongo issues

Searching, Reporting and Bulk changes

A powerfull search functionality is provided together with built in filters. The search and report list come integrated in the same interface to facilitate one main goal: filter issues based on search criteria


Search on any field
Easy criteria selection
Yongo search


Built in popular filters
Create your own filters
Yongo reports

Bulk changes

Bulk changes based on search
Easy way of editing in bulk
Yongo bulk changes