Documentador connects teams with the content, knowledge, and co-workers they need to get work done, faster. Crowd-source meeting notes, share files, define product requirements, and make decisions – all in one place

Centralize information in one place available for everybody

Forget about endless emails, power points and/or notes. Create a product Space and gather all the knowledge in Pages then share it to everybody online or use it for reference in house. You can create entire product documentation in Documentador and ship it online with your product. Using the Space Home Page you can create a single entry point in your wiki that acts as a contents page.


Favourite spaces
Favourite pages
Documentador spaces, favourite spaces, favourite pages


Space Home Page
Child Pages
Visual Tree Browser
Documentador space home pages, child pages, visual tree browser


Easy find your favourite spaces and pages
Create space Quick link
Unlimited spaces and pages
Documentador dashboard

Powerfull WYSIWYG editor

We embedded the powerful CKEditor which is the best editor online and we customized for you. It lays at the foundation of Documentador. You get all the power of the CKEditor inside Documentador. View a demo page here

Inline editing
Paste from Word
Documentador editor, inline editing and paste from Word
Safe Undo
Basic & advanced styling
Documentador safe undo, styling and colors
Visible blocks
Elements selector
Find and replace
Documentador visible blocks, elements selector, find and replace

Permissions, Content Tools, Child Pages and Quick Search

Define group of users for better permission management and define Anonymous Access control. Enabling anonymous use permission allows non-logged-in users to browse pages and spaces in Documentador. For every page you can attach multiple files and you can create hierarchical page structure in a space.

User groups
Anonymous access
Individual users
Documentador permissions, anonymous use and individual users
Offload pages to trash
Restore pages from trash
Delete pages forever
Documentador content tools
Hierarchical page structure
Attach files to pages
Quick search
Documentador hierarchical structure and file attachments