SVN Hosting

You enjoy plenty of space on our dedicated servers while we take care of the entire setup and maintenance procedures. Unlimited number of projects with unlimited number of users.
Also, we offer free email support for any issue you may have.

User settings, unlimited SVN repositories with unlimited number of users

With our SVN Hosting offer there is no catch. Really!. We offer unlimited number of users per SVN project. We don't play that game in which you have to upgrade your plan in order to get what you really want. With us, you get what you want plain and simple. We play by your expectations.

User settings

Read / Write permissions
Set / Change password
SVN user settings


Unlimited repositories
Unlimited users
SVN unlimited repositories

Repository summary

SVN repository summary

Powerful control panel, Activity Report

Everything is configurable. We offer a powerful Web SVN Control Panel which is the perfect interface to administrate your SVN server with us. With it you can manage the users, their permissions and so on. You can also view the SVN activity in the Activity Report.

Add / remove administrators
SVN edit administrators
User read / write permission and access password
SVN read / write permission
Import existing users into repository
SVN import existing users

No overhead, plenty of space, constant new features brought in

  • Are you tired of offered functionality that you never use?
    Like an online editor for you code? Why would you use such a tool since your main goal is basically hosting. We don't clutter you with all that none sense.
    You get plenty of space for hosting your project with us. This fits 99% of our existing customers.

  • If you have extraordinary demands in this area please contact us and we'll make a custom offer to you.
    One aspect of our mission is also to constantly improve our product suite at no cost. This is part of our market strategy. So, while you stay with us, you will get new features added in for free.